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The farrier is coming tomorrow.

The best pieces of horse advice I've ever learned was, "Look after your farrier, a good one is hard to replace." And, "Never give your farrier a bad cheque."

The old adage, "No hoof, no horse" was true when it was coined and it's still true today.

The need for consistent and sensible hoof care is essential to the well-being of your horse.

A concise and straightforward article on hoof care for horses is on the

It begins:

"A horse is only as sound as his feet. Care and management of the feet will vary, however, depending on the individual horse, his conformation and hoof structure, environment and climate, and use. Whether he needs to be shod or can be left barefoot will also hinge on these factors."

Read it. Everyone has something to learn from it. Click here to read the whole article.


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